31 Jan 2017


I am sunk
In the mire
Of his id
The malignant
Crumbling facade
The lack of compassion
The words like shards
Of petrified bile
That slice through a smile
So fake that it’s news
An attack on my senses
Of justness and good
Grabbing my soul
Pulling me under
I am drowned
In the mire
Of him.

15 Jan 2017

Sonnet on Death’s weakness

Death is always but a moment away,

His hunger for life is dark, without end,

He steals souls for sport, and holds breath in sway,

Wanting in humour, his rules never bend,

Only the blush of a maiden in Spring,

Touches those features, to conjure a smile,

Whispers and secrets, they draw in and cling,

And he cloaks his horror to woo her a while,

Beauty and innocence, they do make him weak,

Finding his flaw in the glint of her eye,

But reason will come, and vengeance he’ll seek,

On her pretty dead head, he’ll sit and he’ll cry,

For while Death’s a fool for silly young maids,

Eternity’s long and all beauty fades.


I hear the trees whispering secrets,
laced with venom, blossomed spite.
“We’ll kill Old Winter in his sleep,
And rule merrily forever!
Nobody wants ice and snow!”
And I answer ever so quietly,
‘I do.’
The heat fumes up before me,
Sticky palms, nervous beads,
The wind invades me and my skirts,
I blush prettily for Shame.
Summer boils the blood, they say,
And the violence wells up screaming,
‘You’re MINE!’
I hear the reeds rustling lies,
Crows refute them, Swallows spit,
“You belong to the darkness, girl,
Come dance happily with us!
Even the Moon can’t outlast us!”
But my answer will not sate them,
‘I’m alone.‘

My name in books

I have shamelessly nicked this from Linda Huber (who apparently nicked it herself from book blogger Cleo Bannister) because it looked like a bit of fun for a whimsical Sunday blog. Feel free to nick it from me, if you wish. No tagging required :-)

So, the objective here is to write your name and add ‘loves books’. Then you roam your book shelves (and Kindle/Nook/Kobo/Other reading library) to find titles that match each of the letters. So, here goes, my name in books:

Jennifer Morgue: Laundry Files #3 - Charles Stross (Sci-Fi/Horror comedy)
Othello - William Shakespeare (Lit)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency - Douglas Adams (Absurd Fantasy)
Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palauhniuk (Transgressive Fiction)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Saffran Foer (Lit)

Mountains of Madness - H.P. Lovecraft (Weird Fiction)
All Tomorrow’s Parties - William Gibson (Cyberpunk)
Necromancer - William Gibson (The original Cyberpunk!)
New Cthulu: The Recent Weird (Anthology of Weird Fiction)

Lullaby - Chuck Palauhniuk (Horror Satire)
On the Road -  Jack Kerouac (Beat Gen Lit)
Villete -  Charlotte Bronte (Lit)
Earthsea Quartet - Ursula LeGuin (Fantasy)
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson (Cyberpunk)

Beowulf - JRR Tolkien (Lit)
Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck (Lit)
Oroonoko - Aphra Behn (Lit)
King Pest - Edgar Allen Poe (Lit Horror)
Sunset park - Paul Auster (Lit)

So, what is your name in books?


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