25 May 2017


He plucked her from one
Bound her to another
By name or by proxy
His lash still stings

All for the best
Stay together for the kids
But mommy knows better
His whip still sings

Here in the dark
She's safe from the screams
This circle of salt
Her blood drawn ring


14 May 2017

Eight for eight tag

Tagged by @hungrysheepbookshop

▪️last movie I watched: the Huntsman: Winter’s War. Totally over the top but it tickled all my favourite places. It has magic and evil queens and Charlize Theron. What is not to like?

▪️last song I listened to: Riverside, Agnes Obel. Beautifully understated.

▪️last book I read: A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab - the first in a trilogy which I am definitely going to finish. Currently rereading American Gods so I can complain when the TV series diverts from the plot :)

▪️last thing I ate: A banana

▪️where would you want to time travel to? The court of King Cnut around 1018. I think he’s responsible for the Beowulf poem and this would help me prove it.

▪️fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Morgan Le Fey from Mists of Avalon

▪️if I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? Iceland. Same as Ms Hungry Sheep

▪️current fandom obsession? Can’t really think of one but I am rather obsessed with Norse and Celtic mythology so anything related to these two things will get my attention.

I tag @behind-the-sun @bekkathyst @commongoodbooks-blog @eloisajames @gobookyourself @indigoire @jenniferdewalt @leafsea @neil-gaiman @quaintobsessions

3 May 2017


Tempt me
Tempt the temptress
I sit here
Leggy, scantily clad and bored
The hours pass and get hotter,
Do you not see me?
Look at me
Enjoy me
Take me
But you are too busy to notice my eyes
too busy to notice my fire
You dont notice
that my hand has moved

The Good Shepherd

Shiver cold in blinding sunlight,
Conceal the demon, strip him bare,
Heal the wound to cut it open,
Leave him bleeding on the stair.
Take this creature, rip his wings off,
Splintered sinner, one who cared,
With the page torn, truths are shattered,
Behind the lies I see you stare.
With the crown broke, the mask is bleeding,
Struck in two, the laws of shame,
Hide your guilt well, it is your calling,
To shepherd sheep without a name.

The Forgotten

Shadows in my memory,
Half truths have awoken me,
Kept me here in stone,
in a world that’s forced to bleed,
I sink into oblivion,
does no one still believe?

I used to be a god here,
my name it used to ring,
The walls upheld me ever clear,
the horns and bows would sing,
I prospered for the longest time,
The tree of life still whole,
But then the cross-shaped axe did come,
And made the whole world Hel.

I long for just one single voice,
to sing my name again,
A drop of love in sacrifice,
a rite to heal the pain,
Immortal life is torture now,
the stones suffused with death,
Would that I could be a man,
and draw the final breath.

But I am the forgotten one,
these stones a living grave,
My voice grows ever fainter,
and day by day,
year by year,
Painfully and age by age,
into your eternity,
I infinitely fade.

First bounty of the year

Coffee and Moonshine

Make mine a huge with a double shot of espresso, no make that a triple, and give me soya milk with extra foam and a truckload of chocolate s...